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00 Hello! 00

Hello there! My name is Jacqueline, but you can call me Jackie. This is my NC tradelist and wishlist! Before trading with me, there is some stuff you must read to understand this list.

I use /~korolie as a guide, but some VVVVHTPW itens are overpriced, sorry!

I also use the DTI to list my closet items and they are not UFT unless for Bakery Display Case and Maraquan Summer Cloak. Despite this, items that are listed in the "closet" list and in other lists are the extras that I put UFT.

The following rules are applied to all lists but HTPW and Closet:

  • Numbers indicate the value. If it has no number, it's 1 GBC or 2:1 (if listed in 2:1 Sale section).
  • Items marked "15" are from side accounts and some of them may have no boxes.
  • Items marked "215" (for example) are from side accounts and are worth 2 GBCs.

Now, neomail me and let's start trading ^w^

This list is empty.

01. 2:1 Sale

For these, I'm seeking the following items:

  • 1 GBC for 2 items from this list;
  • 1 FQC for 1 item from this list;
  • 1 training cookie for 1 item from this list;
  • 1 cheap casual wish for 1 item from this list;

This list is empty.

05. Makeup and Contacts

10. HTPW

These are only UFT for top priority wishes.

They are never UFT for GBCs or casual wishes unless I said so.

This list is empty.

11. Closet

This is my personal closet, most of them are not UFT unless for high valued wishes, but you are free to try :p

Items that are listed here and in other lists are the extras that I put UFT

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items 5522_sylkie_5522 wants

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00 Permanent Customizations 00

The first lists contains the items I want for permanent customizations that represent my OCs.

Please send the item to the account that names the list.

Items marked 99 are top priorities.

This list is empty.

02. _sylkie_add_1_

o0 Casually seeking oo

I'M NOT SEEKING THIS ITEMS ATM, I'll warn if I'm seeking this items when I create a board.

PLEASE, I'm not normally offering GBCs or customs for them UNLESS I SAY IN THE BOARDS THAT I'M OFFERING IT FOR THEM.

Items marked 99 are the ~impossible~ dreams, lol

This list is empty.

oo April customizations oo

Items in this list are the ones I'm really seeking now for the march customizations

For those I'm offering everything from my tradelist, GBCs, cookies or custom.

This list is empty.
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