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[ 2b ] Regular UFT

Feel free to show me your TL if you are seeking something. Also up for casual trades too.

IGNORE THE NUMBERS - They do not represent quantity / value / pickiness..

All regular items UFT for items or GBCs. Willing to do lowest quoted values, but feel free to offer!

This list is empty.

[ 3a ] 2:1 GBC Sale

2 Items guaranteed for 1 GBCube (any).

*Majority* of list is non-buyables.

Will also accept item:item trades, but not at a discount unless discussed beforehand.

IGNORE the Numbers. They indicate what account the item is on, not the amount, for my own reference.

There are no rules, just pick two and let me know which account to send them to for 1 GBC :),

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Items Krissy wants

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1. Priority

Feel free to show me your wishlist for these. Willing to trade closet items for certain items.

I can add GBCs or a custom to the trade as well. Let me know what you value items at.

This list is empty.

2. Background Wishlist

Backgrounds I'm seeking for my gallery.

99=NP Items just for my own records.

This list is empty.

3. Casual Wishlist

Casually seeking or items I need to replace.

Feel free to offer!

Willing to offer GBCs/Items/Custom for a vast majority of these items. Just ask ^-^

This list is empty.

4. Low Priority

I'm interested in casual item:item trades for this list but most likely will not be offering GBCs/Custom unless it is a part of a larger trade.

Otherwise, not actively seeking these.

This list is empty.
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