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- Chumbo! -

11/17/17 - got everything pretty much organized for now. i have 1000+ nc items that are set to private, so if you have any of my wishes but don't see yours, send me a nm - i may have them hidden somewhere. c:

disclaimer: please don't be offended if i reject your offer. i no longer buy NC like i used to, so it does make me picker with what i do have (even more so when i'm getting low on boxes).

custom available: 2,150 nc
(saving for the gbc sale)
box count: 10

non-wearable nc uft: click here

have a nice day and happy trading!!

last updated in november 2017

[99 = dye-able thru 11/26]

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0003. stuff i hardly ever use

i do still like these items for whatever reason, but am not too incredibly attached to them. would possibly trade for gbcs/custom (if i'm seeking them).

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0004. stuff i never use / extras

i have absolutely no attachment to anything in this list. everything here is uft for my wishes & gbcs. will possibly even discount if offering gbc.

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0005. 2:1 gbc

everything in this list is 2:1 GBCube

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Items Kellie wants

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0000. high priority

actively seeking. please nm me if you have this uft. i may be able to offer gbcs/custom.

11/18/17 - finally achieved my rainbow petal shower!!!

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0006. for cimba - low priority

seeking these items for my pet. would prefer to get them all at once, as one trade.

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