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Items Kellie owns

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0.0 - Chumbo!

For my non-wearable NC items, click here.
Last updated on Feb. 19 , 2017.
Have a nice day and happy trading!!
This list is empty.

0.2 - 2:1 Gift Box Cube

These items are currently 2:1 GBC.

This list is empty.


May accept gbcs / cookies / dye potions for these items.

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Some items I like, but don't use too often. Not seeking gbcs / custom for these.

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0.5 - CLOSET

All items in this section are very hard to part with. I will only consider trading them for my priority wishes and wishes marked 99.

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Items Kellie wants

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0.1 - Priority

offering closet for anything listed here!!

This list is empty.


these are items i've traded away and wouldn't mind getting back eventually

This list is empty.
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