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Items imgonnageta owns

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0. Intro

hiiiiiii, my name is amelia; my username is imgonnageta
my closet lists are 99.9% never uft

Feel free to mail about items here, updated April 2021
i'm also on discord @imgonnageta#1995
join my ncc server

**I also have:

~400 NC available for customs (cookies, shenanigifts, etc)
GBC COUNT: 50 ( always seeking gbc, NEOBOARD PENS, and archives )
i have Dyeworks Pots, Archive cookies, FQC, upcycle cookies, etc

This list is empty.

00 1 Dyeworks Lending

2:1 Regular GBC or Archive Cookie, 3:1 BF GBC, 1:1 Dyework Swap
I can lend these dyeworks:

This list is empty.

00. highlights

i guess so, idk
numbers are quantity

This list is empty.

000. 2:1 GBC/Archive 1:1 FQC

you can also ask about other TL items
depending on the items, i might do them 2:1 too

This list is empty.

1. Regular Tradelist

Items UFT on my main + side accounts; sides' number of boxes varies, but usually have a few
also allow me to make sure i do still have the item you're seeking before i reply to your offer

some items are harder to part with

Side Accounts: winter spring summer autumn

This list is empty.

Items imgonnageta wants

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0. highest priority


might be willing to offer item(s) for items in closet lists for items marked as priorities!!

always seeking cookies, gbcs, and neoboard pens too_


This list is empty.

999. Friends' seeking

This list is empty.
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