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1. Intro

Last updated: June 11th, 2017.


My username is tvlover4 on Neopets, and please feel free to NM me if you have a trade in mind. :-)

I also generally have some non-wearables UFT, such as:
Faerie Quest Cookies
Lab Ray Cookies
Training Cookies
NC Archives Cookies
Other Cookies
NeoBoard Pens
Other Buyables

Note on my 'not in a list' items. If it's under my have section, it's new and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet and if I want to trade it.

If it's under my wanted section, it's something that caught my eye while browsing the site. If you happen to have any of these, I'll probably trade any of my dupes for it.

This list is empty.

2. Currently Wearing

These items are currently on my pets, and thus are not UFT. If you have one of my priority items, you can give it a go but I probably will say no.

Update: I have two Designer Eye Patches now. One is for Kyr, the other is UFT.

Update #2: While none of my pets are currently wearing the Blue Moon BG, I've gotten so many offers that I have had to reject that I am putting it up here.

This list is empty.

Backgrounds UFT

All the backgrounds I currently have UFT that are not HTPW.

This list is empty.


Shirts, Dresses, and Pants

This list is empty.

Items Zanzia wants

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