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0. Intro

Last updated: September 16th, 2020.
Time zone: EST (NST + 3)

Just one rule, really: please don't waste my time. If you're going to NM someone else within 24 hours, don't NM me.

NM is one of the most glitchy site features, what with error messages, the NM reply box not always loading, etc. To go through all that to reply to someone, just to get back they already found a trade? Cue road rage music.

I'm currently still working from home, so generally replies will be quick.

I have a lot of boxes, and don't mind doing large trades.

IMPORTANT: Some of my item placements are quantity based. Once I trade away a certain amount, they will be moved to other lists. Retired Dyeworks in particular follow this pattern.

This list is empty.

2: Pretty Things

Items I think are nice and that I prefer to trade for my wishes.

For items I have 5 or more of, I'm more open to considering GBC offers.

This list is empty.

3. 4:1 Extreme Discount Section


I'll do any four of these items for a Gift Box Mystery Capsule.

This list is currently very generous - I'm tired of having so many items. Please take them away. =)

So long as this section is visible, I'm still doing the discount. ^^

This list is empty.

4. 2:1 Discount Section


These items are 2:1 for a Gift Box Mystery Capsule. =)