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0. General

Updated: 12.14.16 but I'm blind so please don't count on accuracy, kek.

I use permanent customizations, and am mostly interested in casual trades, cookies, and caps.

Customs: I don't buy NC, thus I will never have a custom UFT.

GBCs: I usually have a handful stashed away, willing to include 1-2 for populars and box heavy trades. Not offering pure caps.

Interested in non-wearables? I have a bunch of goodie bags, old and new. Willing to discount for the sake of getting rid of them all, but I don't value them all at ~1. Most are from 2010 and after.

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2. Closet

NFT unless offered

Currently opening this section up for Hanging Candles Garland, within reason please!

All items here are VHTPW, I don't buy NC and I'm trying to stop trading entirely. If I judge an item will be hard to replace - I will probably pass, please don't be offended if I decline a perfectly fair offer D:

33 = gift, nft

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4. Wonderclaw


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6. Goodie Bags


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