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a. Welcome...

~ Hey, welcome! If my Inbox is full just send me a dung and I'll delete my messages!
~ I'm online daily and I'll always reply Neomails when I see them.
~ Yes, I have a hidden closet, if you have my Medium Priority wishes or
my Friends wishes I can open it for you. (:

NC custom: 2,000 (unlimited if you need more, just ask)
GBC in stock: 6
Non wereables UFT:

This list is empty.

b. 1 GBC value

100% of the items of this list are UFT for a GBC or an Archive Cookie.

This list is empty.

c. 2 GBC value

May some items from here I don't feel ok to trade for GBCs.

This list is empty.

d. 3+ GBC value

Not seeking GBCs for this list.
numbers are their GBC value. (Some are how I value them)

This list is empty.

e. 2:1 GBC sale

Seeking 1 GBC per two items OR 1 Archive Cookie per three items.

This list is empty.

f. Trading for Medium/Top Wishes

Also UFT:
NC Custom

This list is empty.

I love them...

Some are no that special, but I like them so much XD Very hard to me to trade, these items are probably my fav ones!

This list is empty.

Items chanty wants

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1 - Friends Wishes

friends are always my priority.

This list is empty.

3 - Interest.

Just a slight interest.
If the item is marked with 21 it means I hope to find it on a 2:1 tradelist!

This list is empty.

4- Low Low Low Priority

Chanty had them Apple Bottom Jeans (Jeans)
Boots with the fur (With the fur)
The whole club was lookin at her
She hit the flo (She hit the flo)
Next thing you know
Chanty got low low low low low low low low

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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