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1. Items UFT

I usually use Waka and Madeigh for values but there are a few items which I disagree with due to them being popular or HTP/HTPW. If trading several things which are between values, I tend to average the values of all of the items. Feel free to neomail me, the worse I can say is no thank you and good luck trading :).
Boxes: 6
GBCs: 2

Please see notes above my wish list as well, thank you.

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1.b 2:1 GBC - Newtgrlbutigotbetter

Additional 2:1 items for trades below on my sides.

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Items Tammy wants

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3. NC Wishlist

I tend to use my wish list to keep track of items I like - as you can tell, I'm not actively looking for all of them. I am usually looking for items marked in the Priority sections as I usually have a customization in mind or know that I would genuinely use the item :). The Casual sections I wouldn't mind as fillers if I'm breaking down a larger popular item or if I see them in 2:1 sales. I will also consider GBCs/Archive Cookies.

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3.ab Backgrounds - Casual

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3.bb Clothes and Accessories - Casual

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3.da Facial Accessories (Contacts, Makeup, Masks) - Priority

3.eb Garlands, Foregrounds & Showers - Casual

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3.ga Handhelds and Miscellaneous - Priority

NP Wishlist

This is mostly a reminder for myself - especially the PB clothes.

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