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I have 28 GBCs and plenty of boxes for trading.

Older GBCs (will value them per )

Damask GBC

Butterfly GBC

Sea Shell GBC

Looming Eclipse GBC

Sea Glass GBC

Shining Stars GBC

Ocean Waves GBC

Winter Starlight GBC

Fantastic Fall GBC

Updated as of April 2020

This list is empty.

Sale - 2:1 GBCube

Quantity 44 just means I have 0 interest in them. (Used to be for a up to 4:1 game, but I don't need boxes so I'm not gonna open your GBC :/ )

This list is empty.

x - Make an offer (side account K) - also have a Basics Bundle: Everyday Adornments UFT

x - Tempt me into bothering to log in to this account (side account J; 1 box)

Items eeeeva wants

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A few things I want ("Priority")

I'm extremely lazy so I don't try hard to get much. But, I do want these things. If you have 2 in a 2:1 sale, Neomail me and I'll be happy to trade!

This list is empty.
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