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I have 15 GBCs and plenty of boxes for trading.

(Odds are I won't offer pure GBC for items on my WL, but for your knowledge and mine!)

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Sale - 2:1 GBCube

If you select ONLY items with quantity "44" listed, I can also do up to 4:1 GBC game. (That means you send me a GBC of any type, I open it, and I send you as many items as I get boxes, up to 4.) Otherwise, I'll do 2:1 GBCube for these.

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x - Make an offer (side account K) - also have a Basics Bundle: Everyday Adornments UFT

x - Tempt me into bothering to log in to this account (side account J; 1 box)

Items eeeeva wants

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A bit interested

I'm not looking for much right now, but these are the items I'm most interested in. I'll consider item:item trades, or if you happen to have any 2 of these in a 2:1 GBC sale, please let me know!

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