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1.1 Trading - Highlights & HTPW

Important note: I have gotten many gifts over the years from very kind Neopians. I choose not to display what gifts I've gotten and also not share who I've gotten them from to avoid any sort of begging they might receive. So please know that if I have ever gotten a gift from you - I am seriously grateful! And hope to pay it forward as much as I can.

Things I'm slightly attached to. These items are only uft for my wishes.
Items marked "99" are vhtpw and are only uft for my high priority wishes.

Non-wearables include:
Bouncing Button Mystery Capsule - 4 caps
New Year 2011 Celebration Mystery Capsule - 6 caps
7th Birthday Cake Slice #2 - 1 cap
Candy Corn Cupcake - 1 cap

If you want to trade, please NM me at Squattasxparadise~

This list is empty.

1.2 Trading

Trading these NC items, neomail me at Squattasxparadise if you are interested in any of these. (:

I'm not particularly attached to these itesm. Seeking GBC's or wishes for these. Or make an offer?

Quantity = value. If no number then it is 1 cap.

This list is empty.

1.3 2:1 for GBC or 1:1 for FQC

All of my junk - everyone's favorite section LOL. Willing to do 2:1 on everything or 1:1 for a FQC.

This list is empty.

1.4 Trading - UFT on Sides

These items are UFT on my side accounts. I might not have boxes on all of them, so sometimes it will only be possible to trade GBC's for these items. Please neomail me at Squattasxparadise if you are interested in trading!

31 - Destapadores: 0 boxes
32 - Disturbingthapeacedj: 0 boxes
33 - Brosephski: 1 box
34 - Nagasaki_nightmare: 0 boxes

Also UFT:
8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake
Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 1-Pack
Flowery Valentine Goodie Bag
Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag
NC Mall 4th Birthday Blue Goodie Bag
Neopets 16th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Ornament Holiday Goodie Bag
Polar Trousers Goodie Bag
Raindorf Goodie Bag
Sweet Dreams Goodie Bag

This list is empty.

Contacts & Eyes Collection - NOT UFT!

This list is listed as 'public' and not as 'trading'. None of these items are uft! I apologize in advance, but I hope you can humor me and let me show off my collection of contacts/eyes that I am very proud of! The ones I am still seeking are in my WL. I want to thank anyone who has ever gifted me one of these! I really am so grateful for the kindness I've been given and I hope to continue giving back that kindness.

I have a complete collection aside from any possible newer contacts that have been released within the last few months. If my contacts WL is empty, then that means there is none I need at the moment! I've chosen to not collect species specific (baby, mutant, etc.) and PB exclusive eyes for my collection.

This list is empty.

Items Michelle wants

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1.1 High Priority WL

I really want these items!! Neomail me at Squattasxparadise if you are trading any of these and want anything from my UFT. (:

This list is empty.

1.2 Medium Priority WL

Casually seeking these items. Please neomail me if you are interested in trading. If item is marked "21" then I am hoping to find them in a 2:1 sale.

This list is empty.

1.3 Contacts and eyes for collection

These are the rest of the contacts and eyes I need for my collection. If there is anything on this list, I am generally actively seeking the item(s). Please let me know if you are trading them and interested in something from my TL.

This list is empty.

1.4 Wishlist for side pets (casually seeking)

I am seeking these items for my side accounts. These are for permanent customizations, but I'm not in a huge rush to get them. NM my main account (Squattasxparadise) if you are interested in trading. 21 = Items I'm hoping to find in 2:1's.

This list is empty.
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