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Outgoing BF Trade Items

babyacara_fan65241 - Butterfly Dress + Electric Garland (1-2 each) for 2 GBCs i_will_always_luv_me - Tunnel of Trees BG for 4 GBCs bunnybunzz - Winged Altadorian Sandals and Scary Black Clouds (me to her) for for Dress of Enchanted Gardens and Fiery red wig (hejr to me)

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Some Highlights....

Stuff you probably would like? I hope

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Just offer. Don't be fooled, there are some buyables, but also a lot of lovely retireds that I'm just not terribly attached to.

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Items stardustbreeze wants

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9. Pending BF Pretrades

... items that I will be getting for BF :) misty_reborn - 2 GBCs for DW Silver Baby Summer Wings
catelyn_tully_stark - 9 GBCs for Cheerful Day BG (3) Diamond Satin Baby Valentine Shoes (2) Autumnal Scenescape (3) DW Blue: Spring Teal Sandals (1)
brokenheartedgirll - 4 GBCs for Watercolour Wonder Trinket (3) and Cascading Flower Shelf (1)
xxsitrus - 1 GBC for Oceanic Ombre Curtains (1-2) simplicacity - 1 GBC for comfy pillow fort (1-2)
Softypaws: 1 GBC for Autumn Leaf Contacts and MME 25 Dress Jacket
candiiapples: 1 GBC for clover string lights + Bath toys FG
pregnatress: 1 GBC for spring greenhouse BG
missleni: 3 GBC for peaceful conservatory BG
karla147247: 1 GBC for Tray of Christmas Cookies
naama_mikeas: 3 GBC for celebratory drapes backdrop
halloweenmeggie: 4 GBCs for DW yellow: fuzzy autumn hat and wig (note to self: intentional overoffer)
aphrudite: 4 GBCs for Gorgeous Spring BG Laurel Wreath Wig Shamrock Stained Glass Door Background Baby Gingerbread Wings Baby Valentine Wings Baby Sparkly Shoes Baby Bob Wig Baby Judge Hog Costume
spyren: 1 GBC for Birthday Princess Dress + Jungle Party Table

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Low Priority (Vaguely seeking...)

Always seeking GBCs (cubes); also interested in custom, and any RR item (caps, etc) Also, Upcycle and Archive cookies.

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Not Actively Seeking

I'm not going after these items atm actively but if they're in your 2:1 sale, mail me, or use them to even out a bigger trade if you'd like :)

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