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This is stuff that isn't UFT normally, but if I tell you to take a look in here, or you have a wish of mine that's 3-4+ in value, go right ahead :). I won't be offended if you offer, but I am attached to some of these items so I may not accept a fair offer. While I have moved gifts to a private list, I'd just like to say thank you to my anonymous (wouldn't want you to get spammed) gifters who were so kind of the AC Cheerleader Wig, Sun Shower, Cherry Blossom Dress, Long Red Evening Gown, Magical Spring Kingdom Background, Tower Princess Wig, MME18-S3: Gothic Evening Wig, Sporting Suit Jacket, Baby Floral Shirt, MME Spring Forest Markings, Sparkling Rainbow (oh my gosh!!!), and Tied Bandana Wig! If any of my gifts are in UFT, fret not, I must have acquired a duplicate along the way; your gift is NEVER uft.

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Just offer. Don't be fooled, there are some buyables, but also a lot of lovely retireds that I'm just not terribly attached to.

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Low Priority (Vaguely seeking...)

Always seeking GBCs (cubes); also interested in custom, and any RR item (caps, etc) Also, ARCHIVE COOKIES!

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Not Actively Seeking

I'm not going after these items atm actively but if they're in your 2:1 sale, mail me, or use them to even out a bigger trade if you'd like :)

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