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** Introduction

Mail if anything catches your interest!

I try to average values over the guides on /~trajiq but I'm not perfect. Also open to negotiation!

As of January 11, 2017:

  • I have 0 Gift Box
  • I have 1 GBC
  • Custom not available
  • I try to update after every trade

Always seeking GBCs and Dye Pots!

Nonwearables UFT:

  • I have 5 Archive cookies
  • I have 2 Forest Hiding Spot Treasure Maps
  • I have 2 upcycles
  • I have 2 Money Tree Cupcakes
  • I have 1 Money Tree Mystery Capsule
  • I have 1 Back to School Y14 Gift Box Mystery Capsule (~3)

Note: If you ever see items in two places, it's because I have extras to trade! Quantities are amounts for that section :)

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC or 1:1 Cookie/Potion Sale

I'll need the GBC first because I'm normally boxless (or about to be)

1:1 is for Dye Potions / Lab Ray Cookie :)

This list is empty.

B1: Definitely value at ~1

How I personally traded for these items and how I would like to trade them away.

This list is empty.

B: NC UFT (no attachment)

I'm pretty flexible with this section, just ask :)

For the dyeworks, I wouldn't mind taking a dye potion instead of a GBC :)

Happily disorganized because things go in and out. Use that Compare Items button up top to help!

This list is empty.

D: Stash of Pretties

Opened for Fancy Sparkles Shower and Window with Twinkling Lights!

These are HTPW so I will be picky. Most of these I have vague custom plans for.

Important Note:

A trade for Ghostly Orbs must include:

  • Window with Twinkling Lights
  • Fancy Sparkles Shower
  • MiniMME20-B: City in Space Background

I will also consider the trade if multiple windows and multiple showers involved.

Please mail to discuss :)

This list is empty.

Free Paint Brush Clothing!

If you'd like anything, please send me a Neomail! For the rarer clothing, I'd like to know if you plan on permanently keeping the pet. Thank you!

The way clothing works:

1) You transfer the unclothed but matching painted pet to me (for example, I can't transfer Robo clothes on any pet but an unclothed Robo Lupe) 2) I put the clothes on the pet 3) I transfer your pet back to you a day later (because a pet can only be transferred once a day)

Easy as that! I've got 5 transfers a month so I should be able to give you the clothing any time :)

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Items _cerulean_ wants

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A1. Priority NP wishlist

The one true NP dream.

~16 million NP, 12/24/16

This list is empty.

A: Wishlist

Items I have plans for :)

Always interested in GBCs and Dye Potions!

The higher the number, the more interest I have in the item!

This list is empty.
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