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1. Read first if you wish

Just a few things here, "rebell" (the account with 2 Ls) is the only account I trade from, and the only account I would ever contact you from. I have one side, and that is a lab account I don't use for anything but zapping and pet storage and I would NEVER contact you from that account.

I block my mails occasionally for multiple reasons, but its temporary. Sometimes I forget to unblock them, so keep checking back if there is something you really want.

I have a WL, and I would prefer to trade for the items on those lists. I'm open to casual trades, but please don't mail me something like 'what are you seeking for blah blah blah' because I mean...theres WLs at the bottom or send me your tradelist to look at. LOL!

I personally do not need GBCs or customs because I can get those on my own, but I'm open to the offer. However most of my highlights/populars I prefer to trade for my wishlist items, just a fair warning.

If you don't know me, I'm pretty flexible with the whole 'values' thing as items fluctuate due to popularity and re-releases, ect. Please be kind and don't take advantage.

If you mail me and haven't heard back in 72 hours (3 days) I probably opened your mail, got distracted, and then forgot about you. So please mail me again!

Well...I think thats it. Kudos to you for reading this, and happy trading!

This list is empty.

3. Closet Spares UFT

Items from my closet that I have an extra of. I'm only trading the spares so if it says I have 2 of the item I'm really only trading 1, ect.

This list is empty.

4. Highlights

Everything in this list should be 2+ cap value!

This list is empty.

Closet HTPW but UFT!

These are items from my private closet I am willing to trade because I don't or hardly use them. I'll be a little picky trading them, but they're uft none the less.

This list is empty.

Regular TL

This list is uft for GBCs, FQCs, customs, or wishes

This list is empty.
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