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1. Please read first

I don't trade as often as I use to, but you're welcome to mail me. I am only interested in trades for items on my wishlists, and neomails asking me 'what are you seeking for xxx?' will be ignored because I have wishlists listed below so you could have answered your own question and saved me the neomail.

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3. Closet Spares UFT

Only trading extras, so if it says I have 3 then I'm only trading up to 2 of them.

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4. 2:1 GBC

This list is empty.

5. Regular tradelist

This list is empty.

6. Highlights

Items here are valued at 2+

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Items Chevygirl wants

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2. Eventually want.

If you're willing to work out a trade for something here please mail me your WL and what you value your item at.

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3. Wishlist

Regular wishlist, casually looking for! I use /~Waka for value help, if you don't agree with a value I have listed because I'm probably not going to update these regularly, feel free to let me know what you value your item at! The values are mainly for my reference anyways.

Number = Value

No number = Value of 1-2

Number 99 = Need Value Check

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