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On sidewalkbum: 7 | On already: 3 | On pparakeett: 3 | On hodgey_ppodgey: 0 | On kittyhawkmagics: 7

Seeking Handy Negg Enlargers!

Box count and items are roughly accurate, I'm trying to make sure it's accurate at the moment ;o;

GBC offers on items are always appreciated!

I also love Upcycle Cookies, Dyeworks Potions, Archives Cookies & casual trades too!

99 = HTPW! But not overvalued, just may or may not trade D:

88 = On Hold!

Numbers indicate quantity otherwise.

I don't really value my items at any certain cap value except what is listed on ~Waka :)

My neomail!

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* Holiday items on main sidewalkbum

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* Items 2:1 on main sidewalkbum

All of my trash that's UFT for GBCs on my main, if you want it haha

I'm trying to upcycle/discard these so they may disappear if they're buyable and unpopular

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* Items on account main sidewalkbum

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Wishes For hodgey_ppodgey

Wishes For kittyhawkmagics

Wishes For pparakeett

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Wishes in General

This is stuff I may not need RIGHT now, but I would use eventually!

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