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0. Info NC UFT


Hello, I'm Fernando! Welcome to my NC tradelist :D

Last Updated: November 2020

If I have something you really want but you don't have any of my wishes, neomail me! Let's chat! I might get interested in something that you have ^^

Numbers here indicate quantity! And the values that I use are from /~Waka and /~Priscilla.

I don't have a 2:1 section, but 2:1 offers are fine if fair =D

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1. Dyeworks Items Up For Lend

These items are UFT too, but I can lend them, if I have an active board, for:

2:1 GBC or 1:1 Dye Pot

I do not lend by mail, sorry. However, feel free to mail me asking me to make a lending board :D

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Biology Effects

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Hind Covers

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Thought Bubbles

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Items Fernando wants

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1. Main Acc Wishes

I can offer my TL, add a custom, offer or add GBCs, cookies, and whatever you'd like for them.

All of these wishes are for my main acc: fernandomf

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2. Side Acc Wishes

All of these wishes are for my side acc: petsdofernando

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