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000. ~ Welcome to my TL ~ .000

Neomails are always open.

Seeking high priority wishes > low priority > filler items

I can pretty much always offer full custom for my wishes, GBC, packs etc. If you have any of my priority wishes and are seeking custom, please feel free to reach out.

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Not Seeking GBCs for this list

Will be very picky with this list, but open to trading items on my High priority Wishlist.

This list is empty.

1.5 Regular TL

GBCs welcome, casual trades welcome.

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Items valestant wants

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1. Priority

Looking more actively for these. Not in a rush, though. :)

Can offer pops from my mostly (hidden) closet and potentially customs.

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3. Always Hunting For

Cute things I'm always interested in, btu not actively trading for!

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