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An Intro

Last updated February 7th 2018 _

If you have one/some of my wishes, feel free to neomail me and I'll see if I have some of yours.
I will probably log in daily and will respond to neomail as quickly as our time differences (and my job) allow.
I am willing to look through my closet items for your wishes for my Priority wishes.

Week days, I'm usually on around the hours of 3-7pm Neopian time, weekends vary.
PLEASE, take note of the times I'm generally on. If you do not have the time or the patience
to give me 24 hours (at the most) to respond before seeking another trade, don't waste either of our time.

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Closet 5: uto sale 2:1

Items are 2:1 GBC cube

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Waiting List

These items are pending trades...
*Numbers are for location purposes, not quantity.

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Items elsweyr wants

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3. I Kinda Want

Things I see and save for later contemplation.
If inspiration hits, they may be moved up otherwise they'll stay here for future consideration.
Also includes Key Quest items and items I'm considering getting duplicates of.

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4. Whimsy

Where things go that I can dream about...
Some are far too expensive for me! lol As for the eyes, they would be for my gallery of which I'm reluctant to spend multiple GBC's on just to stare back at. I can always admire them here!

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