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C) UFT for 2 GBCs

This list is empty.

D) 1 gbc each!

I also have these non-wearables:
Money Tree Cupcake x2
Halloween Barbat Goodie Bag x1
Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion x1
Candy Vampire Goodie Bag x1
Jowlard Goodie Bag x1
15th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag x1
Vandagyre Goodie Bag x1
Raindorf Goodie Bag x1
Polar Trousers Goodie Bag x1
Dyeworks Holiday Hue Brew Potion x1
Little Hearts Sweatheart Gram x1
Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram x1
The Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram x1

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E) 2:1 Sale!

Everything here is 2:1. Two items for 1gbc!

The numbers are quantity, how many duplicates I have

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F) UFT on Boxless Sides

These are items on my BOXLESS sides. I will need at least 1gbc to send you the item!

Non-wearables: halloween barbat goodie bag, enamoured sweetheart gram, bountiful hearts goodie bag, 7th birthday cake slice #3, heartsick sweetheart gram

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Items grimmy88 wants

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B) Meh wishes

Don't have customizations for these items yet

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