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7 - Closet/NFT

Some I'm not currently using, but I like them too much to part with them.

GBCs x8
Icy Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
Premium Rewards Goodie Bag (Bigsby Shadingtons, Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack, Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack. Patapult Patapuff 1-Pack)

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On Sides

2 = ct
3 = puppies
4 = cg

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Wishlist Items I've Obtained!

Every item I've managed to get!

New Game NC Challenge Game Ticket - Series 8

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Items raiki wants

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4 - "Junk" Swap (2:1/Buyables)

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

So I'm tired of looking at my same old items in my 2:1/buyables list, and perhaps you feel the same about your own too? And surely there must be some small little junky item in my list that you kinda like, and I know I always enjoy looking at trade lists, especially if it's to exchange an item I don't care about. Based on a board I made (12.2.17).

Show me your trade lists!
Decided to add some specific items I kinda rather like if that helps encourage trades? But by no means are these the only things I'm looking for - I'm definitely happy to look through trade lists. :3

Box Count: 2
10021 = I really like this item :3

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5 - Open to Casual Trades

I either really like these or I have plans for them that aren't quite a priority yet.

Only looking for item:item trades.

Not trading GBCs for these.

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