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Harder to Part With Items marked '99'.

My laptop is currently broken so I am not online as frequently.. I do go on Neo on my cell phone but trading is a beast on it. I will get back to you asap, I promise!

I reserve the right to refuse a trade even though the value may be fair.

If you're looking for a specific item but don't see it here feel free to ask! I may have it hidden away somewhere...

Some items may be on a boxless side. I do my best to keep a handful of boxes on every account but sometimes, well, you know..

I am currently locked out of one of my side accounts so some items may not be available.

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3. Backgrounds

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4. Wigs

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5. Clothing

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6. Adornments

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7. Handheld

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9. Foregrounds, Banners, Garlands, Showers, etc

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0. Please Note

I always, always, ALWAYS need GBCs.

Quantity Numbers refer to values according to /~Clara, just to give me an idea of what to offer. Will update as I see. :)

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1. High Priority Wishlist

2. Medium Priority Wishlist

5. Someday Wishlist

Larger Items that I love but probably wont get in the forseeable future. Always seeking the DW dresses!

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