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! Note !

Hi my name is Stephanie. I have been playing on neo on and off for 11 years.

I am always seeking FQFC's & Training Cookies & Lab Ray Cookies & GBC's!

I value check everything

If you would like to trade with me and you send a neomail please be patient with me as I am most of the time working or busy with Real Life but I am on neo often and will not be going on hiatus anytime soon or in the near future.

My current box count is 22.

Feel free to neomail me your offer(s) or your tradelist.

Also the numbers listed here are the number of the item that I have UFT.

Also my list on non wearables up for trade Nursery Time Fortune Cookie x1

Neopets 16th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag x5

also numbers are the amount of the item that I have.

Items listed in here ~waka has no value for them

This list is empty.

1-2 GBC

These are valued at 1-2 gbc each

This list is empty.

2-3 Caps each

These are Valued 2-3 caps each

This list is empty.


These are all my 2 for 1 GBC Values

This list is empty.

3-4 Caps

These items are valued at 3-4 caps each

This list is empty.

Past Patapult Prizes

This list is empty.

Sweetheart Grams & Holiday Grams

Dark Hearts Gram - 2 Rustic Love Gram - 5 Snowy Holiday Gram - 7

This list is empty.

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Lost Desert Themed Items

Pending Trade

This is my pending trade wishes

This list is empty.
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