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a) Dyeworks Lending

c) Highlights

Some are harder to part with than others
I'm not usually seeking GBCs for these, but feel free to ask!

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Closet Possibly UFT

These are items I love, but don't have a permanent custom for yet. I may trade them for priorities, but even then, I'll be picky. Sorry, but don't hesitate to ask!

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d) Regular UFT

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h) Gifts

These items are special to me because they were gifted by some extremely kind people. They are not UFT.
Antique Chic Christmas FG- Thank you, xantaquana!
Autumn Sunset Lake View Background- Thank you, perduco!
Beach Sandals- Thank you, xsugarburstx!
Christmas Music Parlour BG- Thank you, natlain!
Crystal Wreath Wig- Thank you, copy_paste_delete!
DW Purple: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig- Thank you, a_life_of_love, for searching endlessly to help me find the items to trade for this dream wig!
DW Purple: Golden Scattered Light Garland- Thank you, deathbyflower!
Faerieland Entrance Gates- Thank you, animalfanatic2oo6!
Festive Summer Picnic Table- Thank you, ari218!
Fuzzy Autumn Hat and Wig- Thank you, deerestauri!
Gown of Fall- Thank you, bently_and_mira!
Hanging Flower Lamp- Thank you, breeseph!
Holly Leaf Apron- Thank you, mythz_slayer!
Jewelled Heart Pendant Necklace- Thank you, inn2!
Loose Half Braid Wig- Thank you, missyk1963!
Make Your Own Gingerbread House BG- Thank you, silly_grl!
Pink Mountain and Clouds BG- Thank you, animalfanatic2oo6!
PC: Lovely Lilac Stairs BG- Thank you, idiay_!
PC: Metal Trees FG- Thank you, pinkguinevere!
Rosy Cheeks FP- Thank you, a_life_of_love!
Stunning Moon View Background- Thank you, candiebabe92!
Unruly Heart Makeup- Thank you, cookiezncreamgirl53!
Valentine Baby Dummy- Thank you, suojelius!

This list is empty.

x) Dyeworks Closet

I have a slight obsession with dyeworks. I don't have spares of these, so slightly hesitant to trade, and likely for high priorities only. Just ask!

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