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1 cap

On 12/21/2018 I deleted everything on my lists and redid all of them. I am slowly going through my closet items and adding them to my trade list.

What you see is what you get-If it is listed here and it is visible it is up for trade! I am always happy to trade for gbc/fqc/labray cookies. I am willing to trade larger valued items for smaller ones that are on my wish list.

Items at a solid 1 cap value. I value them a little more so I will not do 2:1 on these items.

I also have Future Fashion for the month of January !

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2 and up

Items worth 2 or more caps. Numbers are values. I would prefer item : item trades for items worth more than 3 caps.

This list is empty.

2:1 Fun !

Will trade 2:1 gbc Or 1:1 fqc/pink bag.

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Side account stuff

Items on my side account- I have no boxes there currently.

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Unknown Values

Items that are new and have no known values yet.

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Items Kazsia wants

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Items I want,these are all casual items that I'm seeking just because. Numbers are the highest value according to guides.

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