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1 cap items

As of 4/18/2018- I deleted all my lists/items and updated everything. Items are now sorted and I know what I have and don't have. Yay for organization!!

Items worth 1 cap. .Feel free to ask if I will do 2:1 on certain items some of them are here because I don't know the value/don't value them as highly. Any numbers here are how many I have of an item.

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2:1 Fun

Who can refuse a good deal?! Numbers here are how many I have of each.

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Items marked 99 are not uft This is public because some items listed here I am willing to trade. Some of these items are harder to part with for one reason or another. I would like to trade these items for wishes only (items on my wish lists)

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For a swap only !

Seeking Pink spring flowers wig.Willing to trade the spring flower wigs for dye potions if you don't have a pink one.

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items I have a pre-trade set up for

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Items Kazsia wants

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1 Top Priority Wishes

Numbers are values mostly for my own reference.If you value yours higher let me know,before we negotiate a trade

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