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Not much but I hope to get my priority wishes soon
Numbers indicate quantity

Feel free to Neomail me! I'm friendly~
Even if you don't have any of my wishes I'm always happy to look through your trade list~

Also UFT
Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion x2
Dyeworks Winter Hue Brew Potion x1
Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack x1
Really Ripe Banana x17
Lukewarm Leftover Pizza x10

Candy Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag x1
10th Birthday Golden Cupcake x1
10th Birthday Crowned Cupcake x1

For 1 GBC I can do 2:1 with certain items

This list is empty.

Items SneakThief wants

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Currently Seeking

The Brown and Tan Striped Trousers is my highest priority wish
Colourful Glow FP, Fearsome Ceremonial Hammer, and Jewelled Shoulder Armour are second priority

Everything else is third priority
I'll also accept GBCs, Dyeworks Potions, FFQ Cookies, and Upcycle Cookies
I have 400NC custom reserved ONLY for Brown and Tan Striped Trousers

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For My Sister

NC Items my sister wants

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