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*** 1 2 3, PLEASE READ ME ***

I will try my best to reply to each message I receive about trades, but forgive me if I do miss you, and PLEASE send me another neomail if you do not hear back the first time.

I did not do a very good job with my organizing, and some (if not most regular TL) items are scattered on accounts that likely have 0 boxes. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to do the sorting.
Please feel free to inquire anyway about items and I will do my best to let you know. =)

Custom Available?: Usually, especially if you have my wishes!
GBCs Available?: Unlikely, but I MAY be able to include one or two if necessary. This can be up for discussion, as I am always very low on boxes myself. (TRADE ME BOXES PLEASE!)

If you have items I am after, or popular items that you think I may like, please show me your wishlist. Just because something isn't on here, doesn't mean that I don't have it or am unwilling to hunt it down for you!
I'm more than willing to go after YOUR wishes for you, so that I can have MY wishes. =)

Happy trading!

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Actively Seeking

I am usually open to looking at tradelists as I often find things I like from doing that.

These are items that I am actively looking to trade for. Ask if I have custom/GBCs available!

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Casual Wishlist

Items that I think are great and would love to own at some point. If you have any of these UFT, I am definitely seeking them, albeit not aggressively so if I turn down a fair offer for these, please do not throw sticks and stones at me!

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