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UTD 6/10/19
status: active
NST +3

feel free to nm, i'm on fairly often~

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ii. HTPW

some pretties i cycle in and out of my closet or just like to look at
picky with this list of course, but please feel free to offer! more often than not i reserve these for priorities & htf/high value items~

666 = only uft for wishes marked '666' ! very attached uvu
more 6's indicate that an item is vvhtpw. i'm probably seeking something specific!

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iv. TL

one day i'll organize this, but not today : - )

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Items nymphaea wants

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i. priority

need asap for customs !

21 = seeking in a 2:1
100 = trade pending! eeee
666 = can offer items marked '666'
66666 = + can possibly offer from closet (hidden)

any other numbers are for myself to organize my life a little bit

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