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0.01 Closet

This list is set to public, not trading. These are my favorite items, all of them are HTPW, as most of them are being worn by my pets currently.

Just because something is here doesn't necessarily mean I'm trading it right now. Yes, I am that person lol. I keep my 'closet' as an inventory of what I have, I'm sorry for any confusion.

Items marked 33 were gifts and are very special to me. They are NEVER UFT. Thank you to the kind people who make the NC community so great.

This list is empty.

1. Highlights

HTPW, personal favorites, or potentials for future customizations.

99 are VHTPW.

88 are new/recently RR items I am probably not trading until an accurate value is determined by ~Waka.

Any number besides 88 or 99 is the quantity available.

This list is empty.

2. Regular TL

Numbers are quantity available.

This list is empty.

3. 2:1 UFT

These items are available 2:1 GBC or 1:1 item.

This list is empty.

Items barfburg wants

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***Top Priorities***

For current customizations or just because I want them reaaaalllly bad.

99 means NEED RIGHT NOW.

This list is empty.

Always Seeking

Cupcake Collection Wishlist

44 = unattainable

This list is empty.

Medium Priority

I want these slightly more than my low-priority wishes.

This list is empty.


Looking to replace these items that I already traded. Some may be higher priority than others.

This list is empty.

SS Extras I Want

For all the SS items I’d like to own duplicates of.

This list is empty.
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