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** Welcome!

-Last Updated JUN 2021-
Some brief notes:
I am a nice person who is just a little fed up with the current NC trading environment so neomails are currently closed.
I reserve the right to refuse fair offers as I am much more hesitant to trade since flash died.
My closet, VHTPW & Baby lists are usually private- If you can see them, it is because I have an active board or am actively seeking a htf, high priority wish as these lists are off limits for most trades. All other lists are set to "public" (as opposed to trading).
I roughly follow ~waka though I do not believe it is always accurate or fair. I always try to be fair in my trades & am open to discussion/negotiation with my traders. I will not make a trade if I feel uncomfortable, unsure or taken advantage of & I wouldn't want my trader to feel any of those things when trading with me.
Thanks for reading x This list is empty.

0.1 BGs

This list is empty.

0.2 FGs / Trinkets

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0.3 Clothes / Hair / Shoes

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0.6 Handhelds / Garlands

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Unlikely to be UFT for anything other than a high priority wish

Items marked 88 were gifts & are not uft at all x

x Items marked 66 were from Rae in the Great Gifting War of 2021. They will never be traded and are a reminder for me of all the good people on neo who are kind, thoughtful and considerate x

This list is empty.
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