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Items Leileya owns

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Leileya's 1st Trades List

All items that are located here are on my main account. Usually, I will have boxes here. If you are interested in trading please neomail me on leileyaofdarkness.

Gift Boxes: 6
Gift Box Cubes: 1

This list is empty.

Non-Wearable Trade List

The following items are non-wearables that I have up for trade:

This list is empty.

Items Leileya wants

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1st Wishlist (Highest Priority)

The below are items that I am forever interested in:

[Note: Although I am always on the hunt for the following items, I am most interested in getting as many faerie quest cookies and training cookies so those will have top priority]

Faerie Quest Cookies (the highest of priorities)
Gift Box Cubes (SUPER high priority)

To say that I'm seeking these items is an understatement. If you have these items please neomail me on my main account: leileyaofdarkness.

(Note: Items marked as 99, are some day wishies.)

This list is empty.

NP Wish List

Any item located here are NP Customization items that I want to use.

This list is empty.

The Skies Above Neopia Gallery Wishlist (NC Edition)

Any items that are located here will some day be added to my gallery.

Notice: Until otherwise stated, I am currently not looking for any item listed here.

This list is empty.

The Skies Above Neopia Gallery Wishlist (NP Edition)

Dress to Impress
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