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000: UFT Highlights

These are only UFT towards Dream, High, Future Gifts, and Side wish lists.

This list is empty.

011: 2 for 1 GBC

Since I am chronically low on boxes these are 2:1 GBC only, unless I make a board stating otherwise.

This list is empty.

021: NC Normal UFT

UFT and I use /~Korolies for values

This list is empty.

032: On Side _vapidii

Has limited boxes so may need GBC as part of trade.

This list is empty.

050: DW Originals

Will lend any of these 2:1 GBC. Due to limited boxes will only lend for GBC unless stated on board.

This list is empty.

100: NC Closet

Very rarely uft.
Will only ever be considered for Dream, Highest, Future Gift, and Side wish lists.
Unless I say uft don't offer on them otherwise.