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Bow Tie

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When it is time to dress up your pet, dont spare any expense.

Occupies: Collar sometimes, Earrings sometimes, Necklace sometimes

Restricts: None

35 users have this item up for trade: nacinerenee, sandygirl2007, princesslexi24, Camelyas, Soy_Latte, boybit, Sherl, Wife, Pulse, Rwaaaar0.0, kittiekatzluver, fnordeater, Samson06, annieannieannie, topazyurble, Jellybaby, ambra5555, jellycat, BestGhost, TARDIS, juliettexo, OssuaryPariah, nedstarksghost, cornflowerblues, TangoMango, aznboy1997, lilybugme, AllynByrd, Star2856, agentwerehog, sweetiebot, Skollrous, rollerskatingninja, Pamela Hdz, and tumblleweed more less

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