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Kreludan Grundo Slippers

Rarity: 101 (Special) JN Items Shop Wizard Super Wizard Trades Auctions

Orange always goes on the left foot!

Occupies: Gloves sometimes, Hind Cover sometimes, Shoes sometimes

Restricts: Feet Transient Biology

47 users have this item up for trade: bussss, keonne75, flallnatural, great__romances, Master12, demeiz, Camelyas, horsesruleme123, nyanrose, kellybear17, joltix, Rhabarbara, ginnyclone, magnoliamonster, swelis12, peachycakes, tumblleweed, saffishly, boybit, Rwaaaar0.0, fnordeater, topazyurble, graitlinkace, bella611, jellycat, e_dubbbb, zombuhfied, taeeli, glamourai, roar, juliettexo, OssuaryPariah, BrokenBttfly, roxy_mutini, beccyy, kylethekrusherjr, DekSy, by__sky, cool_sis92, sharffytoh, Exinspired, undeadicarus, demsropophu, TangoMango, kingofs, cavsfan817, and Chaotiic more less

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