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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Snowager Background

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Dont worry. The Snowager is asleep... AHHHHHHHHHH!

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

182 users have this item up for trade: summerxnightsxx, puppysmix, Sanae, avelaingia, prin69, MayAngelQt, mafuyuu, geckobubbles, azuresky, afiercedarling, becki622, 01_baby_girl_, curlygirlloves, gerrralddd, iloveyou637, thevampirelestat_x, imgonnageta, great__romances, chantluigi, junimo, riseupgamers, aurorapearl, divourwig, Ricardo_, Exyrea767, amythiiel, polesiapart, talky_toon, RosaIce, llmac4lifell, roseyfen, violetfem , cherielin, heathernel, game_of_thrones1, CalicoTigers, kimchica, notsosupermlps, gordo793, leticiahpj, bashfyl, siaaaaanxo, amsisk22, theyellowrose, mintykari, luna_melody, xxsteffiezxx, power_and_beauty, meiosei, sapphrodite, nofx__, lemcneill, Kokojazz, faerieskater, icaguin, lally199, carien_rizo, nauseacrusty138, Amy Chen, golden_girl25, sogno12, shirok, Kagali, vellen_, yasmin_sb, Eizzel, eggtart_bakka, xeclipsesx, merlion8313, heavun, SideAccountChic, im_so_jaded16, gameboy792, oldhouse, Mimsdal, hydah, Abii, bananabunny, softfawnling, BokuWaKiba, lightmage, tpel, Bre, fyrion, Kellyd45, chaeldar, itipeque, gothika, sammysaccount, yasah7, Cusai, Marleen, inieuwendaal, ranga, Pika, jotty346, jotty346, plasticboat, berly, forfun, gwyn, karatekid927, tehuber, rsuave, iinkedd, bshiiz, padf00t08, Phoenixx13, Brogan, nell_nerhegeb, undeadhanky, Cappuccino, NovelaixSedai, smalvaradd, Nita, karuness, Claudear, decalis, NCCashTrades, veraamber, thegenius, Pulse, noasferatu, xxxfenice_neraxxx, dirigibleplums, naexia, Caesar, zerorita, Charcharr, Dmdragonridr, pink_gatomon, sanziy, jussylynn, RosaIce, Sigris, apbjs187, Mark, Olu, kittiekatzluver, fairysam2222, Hilarionsf, sunkissed_dew, babygirltamera, Samson06, greatpanther, topazyurble, nepkeete, ajanledagag, StellaNC, xoople, amarinda, i_will_always_luv_me, happy70793, tsuki18, jamiegsy, naners, Psy, Mattswift, neekoe, elierra, divineaurora, Minhan, shilohs, amy_lilly, claireeski, dream_wave711, meowee, millertime704, huckleneo, sao106, venused, awesome1, ramonesbaby, Gabudude, iowayshay, samanthayh1990, Ina, Ina, del_tigre, jarredgamwell2, nightstars558, and Jam more less

3 users want this item: mabel_leaf, Amortentia, and Amortentia more less


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