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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Roo in the Box

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

You wouldnt want to stay in that box either...

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

129 users have this item up for trade: Kristi_grrrl, mooonpoool, femmesfatal, Ringer, moonaura, lady_powderpuff, candyflames, Ricardo_, lukinhas2007, forgottenbirthdays, Aristide, Spyren, mitzi, CalicoTigers, heathernel, Jennygpy, kimchica, wrathofwest, wormie, Sturmtosend, alphafemale, theyellowrose, bernine, kokonut_milk, rosegarden, arhallick, saiphami, roseyfen, lilkramit, Mimsdal, Miosuki, radiius, lightmage, Aymmee, layces, SarahJuneBug, Kokojazz, coldicyanger, whoslinefan, Blaise, Spabl, palegold, ___veilside___, kdobbin, forfun, rubywhatashmoo, Thedark, berlow1, berly, rolanims, Reeves, sweetpeach7720, Eizzel, o00angel_wings00o, kaylawuvsnc, _xxangelcakesxx_, tiffanymc, Serythe, hnajyn, spaceybite, Queen_charming, OzarksUFT, Claudear, yellow_gellow, Lissy, thescoopforspoons, EmmaTiny, durkje, Meer, chrissykorbat, ellabella1987, flashash10, jmo7692, mybeebsnme, hartley03, Mitzibear, Kristin76, hunneypot, Lynzkar, sunkissed_dew, Scrac, jotty346, Hamzah, Nikolai, topazyurble, ranger_girl87, Kimmi, xxxfenice_neraxxx, nepkeete, echobabygirl, StellaNC, margee21, xoople, amarinda, waning, Aerinis, bossyboots2u, Chriddy, devin1211111, tsuki18, elan, sky_berri, novxcaine, Tami, Maki, dremrae, divineaurora, meowee, wilde_baby, millertime704, taytay, Natty1066, posternutbag, ramonesbaby, blackbudahfly, shadow717, lolaae, Mark, absolutecorona, Menos, kotabear, tahitianpearls, Megham, Bebaa, philipina_ballerina, Lonny, miissttee, Chaotiic, and Jam more less

1 user wants this item: Skortchybear more less


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