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Lucky Red Pandaphant Doll

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Make a wish on this little Pandaphant doll and then when your wish comes true fill in the other eye!

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

27 users have this item up for trade: pashcal, tschnexo, Master12, Camelyas, Ahada, aguamenti, sharffytoh, kellybear17, saffishly, Rwaaaar0.0, fnordeater, thefrogsnatcher, topazyurble, trunks_girlfriend, taeeli, ltedick25, uniquegenius, e_dubbbb, happymix, roxy_mutini, beccyy, thaliamorse, horsesruleme123, Exinspired, kingofs, Star2856, and milow94 more less

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