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Pandaphant Puppet

Rarity: 79 (Uncommon) JN Items Shop Wizard Super Wizard Trades Auctions

You can move the head, trunk and arms of this adorable puppet.

Occupies: Gloves sometimes, Necklace sometimes

Restricts: Feet Transient Biology

50 users have this item up for trade: tschnexo, flallnatural, princesslexi24, chaotic_neutrois, Soy_Latte, seel24, aguamenti, hxgrl_, joltix, swelis12, ginri27, Rwaaaar0.0, malkshake, goldalinemydear, thefrogsnatcher, topazyurble, elmc, trunks_girlfriend, papercrow, bella611, ambra5555, jellycat, e_dubbbb, shadecut, vigo, BestGhost, juliettexo, Zeekrom, tartanTabby, beccyy, roxy_mutini, horsesruleme123, jumpluffers, hisako, agh_fk, sharffytoh, Singingbird, undeadicarus, xallumz, feathersky199, Shapeshiftress, aznboy1997, Exinspired, AllynByrd, Valeska, milow94, Harlie, Kimboslice, Pamela Hdz, and Cass_Rising more less

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