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Mad Scientist Brand: My Favourite Specimens

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Youll never be bored with a friend like this! Warning: Do not feed, hold, or look at My Favourite Specimens.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

75 users have this item up for trade: lorratee, violetfem , maenyt, inciters, CalicoTigers, dependence, arhallick, kimchica, thereha, Sturmtosend, synisters, sirys, MauMau, control, Tifafney, arhallick, KindJester, SideAccountChic, roseyfen, Mimsdal, Exyrea767, redgeisha, curseofthecoffin, kristenbell, shadow940, sothebys, fyrion, Cusai, lights, moonbunny45, Thedark, Pika, Vivian, Kokojazz, _xxangelcakesxx_, Nita, Dmdragonridr, cinder345, kevinbacon, extravagance, Lissy, Tyger, jouster, sunkissed_dew, mybeebsnme, kharnak, babygirltamera, paintedpeophin, slayergal666, answeredxx, nepkeete, crypt, whizradio, MarvelMom, coleblerone, bossyboots2u, tsuki18, roar, elan, sky_berri, MajoraX, bbubblie, dalila_arends, coralhibiscus34, divineaurora, millertime704, Destiny_Sphinx, danielle`, ramonesbaby, Chimerachick, takuyachima, Megham, gingembre, ChristineDaaeDestler, and Jei more less

5 users want this item: chaindrive, Aimierre, ginnyclone, Tralah, and edubb5 more less


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