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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Sweetheart Flower Bouquet

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This bouquet is the perfect gift as long as the person isnt allergic.

Occupies: Right-hand Item, Right-hand Item sometimes

Restricts: None

160 users have this item up for trade: flannelRaptors, silva64aa, Cherryade, CalicoTigers, talky_toon, prin69, shadowsparkle, Spyren, avelaingia, violetfem , mitzi, heathernel, MayAngelQt, lozzy, tae1, becki622, special, kimchica, xxxspiff3hxxx, tootsiex3, bashfyl, siaaaaanxo, DJ Sona, Sturmtosend, hardy0417, shishou_fuuin, hayleyanna, Exyrea767, Pastelcolour, mooonpoool, kihyun, hall_e_dti, chaeldar, arhallick, SideAccountChic, gameboy792, sherlockpwns, lilkramit, kdn, Ollilein, Mimsdal, sarcasticdeath, djsmurphy, redgeisha, ShelbyTay, imgonnageta, jakynar, lightmage, defininglove, Vixenx, layces, Jaded2222, Lysertrix, Bre, coldicyanger, stmarshall, gothika, ___veilside___, ohyeahallison, Kokojazz, aphasia, asellusofshrike, missblaney, jazziejc, berly, jamiegsy, rolanims, blushingbeautie, sweetpeach7720, Eizzel, _xxangelcakesxx_, emmy_kat_26, lava, tiffanymc, Ahomaailma, Pothead Grandma, spaceybite, starr234, OzarksUFT, extravagance, mrs_chubbychicken, sebbiea, sebbiea, Melleroo, Sarahh, Strass932 , ri-bread, tehuber, jakynar-sales, theoriginalboocat, glasstiara, wikkineo, jmo7692, strawberry876272, kittiekatzluver, mybeebsnme, kharnak, hellokristin, Roseyflower, shyannjordana, Kristin76, sunkissed_dew, seals, paintedpeophin, Sdwalden, thenirnroot, topazyurble, dave7x7, Seven, missmisery, trunks_girlfriend, blu, hunter4ever, answeredxx, simmer_down, nepkeete, gabisanabria, amber_hart77, xoople, alphabritt, cherryx2boomx3, hottshot_anyway, i_will_always_luv_me, leelia, kymkitten, Aerinis, bossyboots2u, gordo793, silvacat24, tsuki18, roar, sky_berri, bbubblie, hillary890357, Elusi, tmofall, dalila_arends, Tami, ichigoaway, pisheileen, harrts, millertime704, shockj, sao106, tiggerfoz, miazilla, ramonesbaby, mandakitty12, shadow717, whitehouses, feminist, kotabear, Janitalalila, brenn219, by__sky, Stealthclaw, miissttee, Jam, Vicky, and Cass_Rising more less

3 users want this item: Minna, Marinessa, and Jellybaby more less


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