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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Bone Vault Background

Rarity: 78 (Uncommon) JN Items Shop Wizard Super Wizard Trades Auctions

So this is where all of the bones went...

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

81 users have this item up for trade: atlantis_2816, silva64aa, keonne75, pinkcorgi, Master12, Camelyas, Ahada, Soy_Latte, dusuki, 2016mag, boybit, velvetgeisha, Snowmaki, reddish96, Wife, magnoliamonster, nubu, kris4210, saffishly, Rwaaaar0.0, Gingerscoot, jmo7692, degrim, malkshake, goldalinemydear, topazyurble, elmc, trunks_girlfriend, graitlinkace, zombuhfied, bella611, ambra5555, ltedick25, jellycat, shadecut, nolarose, Gumshoe, roar, smallestfox, juliettexo, mikaela123, roxy_mutini, shockj, kylethekrusherjr, Neoboy, haladfire, cool_sis92, hisako, agh_fk, jamodi, aumazing, horsesruleme123, cornflowerblues, planlysastrata, 1208051925, sharffytoh, mopsyflopsie, Singingbird, Riverin, undeadicarus, xmoonlight11, rayonna99, ashley tee ♡, Exinspired, lilybugme, AllynByrd, sweetiebot, ssierramae, annuska, Star2856, foxlights, milow94, agentwerehog, sutures, by__sky, Dorothy, Skollrous, Squidney, Kimboslice, rollerskatingninja, and Fatima more less

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