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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Ice Cream Cone String Lights

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Dont bite these ice cream cones or you might get a shock.

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

162 users have this item up for trade: heartbreaker, Exyrea767, CalicoTigers, mulbiles, Spyren, Eshap, special, Riokri, heathernel, arhallick, guik44, dalejr, xxxspiff3hxxx, n03, starishblue, veraflorence, superman, xxlaurennxx, adonia_rose, uber_, Sturmtosend, 13ethanii, Sliced_Ramen, poodledoodle, xAltaria, AJ, luna_melody, Sezyvex, eggtart_bakka, BambiXS, jamiegsy, arhallick, chocolatecat, lilkramit, Mimsdal, 6lackr0se, skwooshy, userkai, xeclipsesx, Spabl, shadow940, Jaded2222, marva, Aymmee, Nevadaka, Vixenx, Ailsa, coldicyanger, escaiedail, Blaise, chaeldar, Kokojazz, Violette, silvernoon, ___veilside___, confidentconfused, aubrielle, Marleen, martia, phoned, saronnia, Daisies, miowed, mauvus, sweetpeach7720, Eizzel, Lyss1560, suzie_b_1, cavex, tiffanymc, behiko, semonxd, Kate26, decalis, MarvelMom, Caesar, icing800, Cutiepie4707, KingKougra, charlieputh, Sigris, udubgirl2012, starspangledsky, xxxfenice_neraxxx, ghostlylight, greyfever, starr234, tehuber, Looeez, literary, pierreplover, jouster, misfits138x, glasstiara, kitschyy, Obeah, starling91361, gingerbabyx3, jotty346, bridg.sitara, shannonnbananonn, mulbiles, Miranda, Iona, Hilarionsf, babygirltamera, mistyraider, bwilson512, thegoodgoddess, sapphoandsybil, just_a_girl95, ElizabethLily, sophiabutcher, claireeski, pan_dbz_lady, Kellyd45, pink_gatomon, saturn_glaive, shyannjordana, sunkissed_dew, Dino, ohmydollface, Sdwalden, charmmy, Kanaria, Seven, gregoentre, bighead620, hunter4ever, salyrian, alphabritt, xyimba, Lyssie, wintersunboheme, mybeebsnme, Animagus, inourstars, F_e_c_c, neonxtiger, Biggetje, vesperon, Lizzy, melanies_list, trubiekatie, anonymouse, Rumah, shamaela, Natty1066, Dagorloth, DekSy, venused, thedetermineddiva, einahpetsx, ReluctantBadger, shadow717, whitehouses, feminist, ent, Megham, brenn219, m_horselove, and evilsapphie more less

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