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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Terror Mountain Snowy Hillside Background

Rarity: 101 (Special) JN Items Shop Wizard Super Wizard Trades Auctions

Brrrr.... its chilly! This Terror Mountain Snowy Hillside Background is only available if you have a virtual prize code from BURGER KING(R) in Canada!

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

51 users have this item up for trade: mandyiscute40, Cheetogasmic, Savveh, flallnatural, aguamenti, gothika, dimi, Zeina, gracefulneopian, magnoliamonster, ginri27, peachycakes, kris4210, saffishly, rdscuba343, roar, juliettexo, Chriddy, sssoftballelaina, star400040, cassiastrophe, Veinulet, kylethekrusherjr, ohgodkillit, hisako, sternfan, Singingbird, mandakitty12, zuli_zuli_17, undeadicarus, avcolaem, Shapeshiftress, aznboy1997, Windwaker, absolutecorona, feminist, ungoldless, Skollrous, ssierramae, twilighter_emzee, sutures, sweetiebot, harlieanbaer, Dorothy, Squidney, Kimboslice, rollerskatingninja, tartanTabby, Chaotiic, Fjer, and Cass_Rising more less

4 users want this item: forgottenfolly, rosebutt, imgonnageta, and tmofall more less


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