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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Shiny Gormball

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Oh... this is shiny! Just be careful it doesnt break...

Occupies: Right-hand Item

Restricts: None

194 users have this item up for trade: Fearless, Linlove, prin69, mooonpoool, heatherperry, Spyren, Roxana, violetfem , kaylawuvsnc, heathernel, dumbchlo, inciters, kimchica, Zelda, dalejr, Marleen, violent, siaaaaanxo, DJ Sona, karo, Sturmtosend, alphafemale, hardy0417, spurstrap, reiven_zero, theyellowrose, AJ, becki622, Luvreito, chaeldar, BambiXS, arhallick, SideAccountChic, Flybe, saiphami, roseyfen, lilkramit, MadeHere, Mimsdal, goldenox, alphard, jp0212, skwooshy, rauviel, ghospie, hunneypot, gracesneos, Blibbloe, Miosuki, soggyinmilk417, lightmage, layces, mrsxxrupertxxgrint, getconnected, SLP, kcleones, coldicyanger, meredithfayrd, sunshinedaisy, palegold, silvernoon, ___veilside___, forfun, Marleen, rubywhatashmoo, asellusofshrike, berlow1, João Victor, berlow1, melieworm, tsunami_5001, berly, Shoy, Maileth, emokidd0, sweetpeach7720, Scarlett, tehuber, fluffy97531, madzi, Eizzel, ongnoobs, kriss_rr, _xxangelcakesxx_, DocNicktMarr, easilyxamused, roeccoco, abovis2, hot_pink_flamingos, lancey_smiley, redlinepichu, faloes, spaceybite, cinder345, Queen_charming, OzarksUFT, decalis, kevinbacon, Dulcinea, ladybug420, royal-jelpi, gloom, gothgoddess1, durkje, Meer, charizard9302, theoriginalboocat, flashash10, plushiie, NIKKI_ANEE, Seal, jotty346, Miranda, Kristin76, nepkeete, sunkissed_dew, arwenvs, adeth, Ichtaca, lacy861, becki622, wildangel333, megan__c, Nikolai, ellabella1987, supersitka, hulahideout, topazyurble, answeredxx, tripexprin, kissamus, taeyeon, echobabygirl, xxxfenice_neraxxx, shinikins, carmina, crypt, margee21, Ghoul, butterfly_522, xoople, i_will_always_luv_me, waning, mybeebsnme, emily93, Firenze, SierraHopes, bossyboots2u, gordo793, cj48089, Lartherian, tsuki18, Shayla, Wldflwr_30, roar, bbubblie, novxcaine, Tyger, Kiersten, dalila_arends, Tami, 0o0slytherinpride0o0, shilohs, divineaurora, wilde_baby, pisheileen, millertime704, taytay, troubledtater, sternfan, Lovi, Mama1979, ramonesbaby, Cathy Martin, sunwillow66, CasiCane, mandakitty12, shadow717, BrittanyWylie, Chriddy, StLouisGirl, absolutecorona, Sylria, Snerkie, maralie, kotabear, 241456, margee, ella20101993, shawa, AlohaTink, romancement, Chaotiic, and Ryan more less

2 users want this item: evervast and Skortchybear more less


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