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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Playful Clover Shirt

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Add a bit of whimsy to your outfit with this fun shirt.

Occupies: Belt sometimes, Shirt/Dress sometimes

Restricts: Body Drippings

89 users have this item up for trade: mmoocow123, Kleria, amsisk22, 100%Coffee, potter, curlygirlloves, baiuki, candyflames, penitent, Ricardo_, cookies_new, Linlove, CalicoTigers, prin69, forgottenbirthdays, plasticboat, jouster, lozzy, penitent, kimchica, CupcakeBakery, Sturmtosend, Trhpeanut, goldfur, reiven_zero, Tifafney, Vixenx, xxsteffiezxx, Illuyen, nofx__, catz1, Blaise, Exyrea767, roseyfen, Mimsdal, fleur, skwooshy, brother_red, morgkitty, Miosuki, jenneh, frozencookiedough_z1, Chaleny, claireeski, safi, SugrrNSpiice, coldicyanger, gothika, palegold, martia, rpgangel, sweetpeach7720, fluffy97531, chickenderby, Vivian, _xxangelcakesxx_, icetee35121, spaceybite, Claudear, extravagance, golden1188, tehuber, mslovelymuse, jotty346, nepkeete, sunkissed_dew, topazyurble, Nadya, missmisery, Antiphantom, echobabygirl, kirable, xoople, hottshot_anyway, mybeebsnme, wintersunboheme, Firenze, bossyboots2u, tsuki18, choleross, Destiny_Sphinx, divineaurora, millertime704, awesome1, ramonesbaby, blackbudahfly, whitehouses, Chriddy, and brenn219 more less

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