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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Mad Scientist Wig

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Someone has been through a few too many explosions...

Occupies: Hat

Restricts: Biology Effects, Hair Front, Head Drippings

160 users have this item up for trade: vally, vally, esraeh, heartbreaker, Fearless, spellmagic, CalicoTigers, eikourei, lukinhas2007, thereha, grizzly, pythagoras, sputter, divourwig, arebecca, uk3d0ll, jelast, xskimdlove, Miluve, athzalar, aventinaratraya_, NorthernStar, Kianna, mew1193, chaoticdust, nebulousfable, sunry, kimchica, chromasia, finaleternity, Jasindro, Illuyen, undeadsissy, curlygirlloves, special, Jennygpy, malveron12, LilDreams, cassiopea566, snowqueenoftx, xxxspiff3hxxx, jessi018, junwooie, janerus, superman, eggtart_bakka, shishou_fuuin, brother_red, Sliced_Ramen, loljenna, cassadaisy, gotarcticfoxy, tonythe2nd, autpotter, tootsiex3, violent, uber_, hardy0417, xAltaria, MauMau, game_of_thrones1, Lucite, leah20a, arhallick, Gingerbread, Flybe, roseyfen, Abii, eisvogelgirl, jotty346, skwooshy, sunshine_10, sunshinedaisy, Kaymariex3, meilin, ghospie, decoupaged, gnorbu_yarn, merlion8313, rshamm, dalgeor, kaytieloo, skysky, succubusty, Bre, Parth, meredithfayrd, phiddie, ebazza, AncientAliens, silvernoon, yasah7, aubrielle, jlpearcy1010, unicorns, ciphur, KittyKatty1234, sapphoandsybil, guttergator, opel1156, blushingbeautie, Dulcinea, radiius, kitiara31, Lyss1560, kaylawuvsnc, Shymoon, abovis2, earlgreytea, OzarksUFT, fairytail, kevinbacon, OnFleek, floopeh, Kellyd45, thegenius, Lyssie, frosty, Caesar, catz1, KingKougra, udubgirl2012, Nocturnite, Marinessa, gothgoddess1, durkje, Ozzabot, ditzybrunette, deerestauri, arwenvs, sunkissed_dew, poppiany, heartes, Sigris, sophiabutcher, ksparks1992, Sisebi, chelseadawn, kaze-kun, Kristin76, nepkeete, jamiegsy, topazyurble, e_dubbbb, scary_chicken, arieloh, mybeebsnme, xoople, wintersunboheme, bossyboots2u, devin1211111, elan, dalila_arends, dremrae, millertime704, Lizzy, Liliam, troubledtater, lilybugme, and Megham more less

2 users want this item: smw84 and Skortchybear more less


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