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MME2-S3: Puddle with Golden Fish Tail

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This fish seems to be nibbling on something... Note: This was the third stage in a multi-stage Mysterious Morphing Experiment (MME). To learn more about MMEs, please go to the NC Mall FAQ.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

169 users have this item up for trade: mooonpoool, mariezy, Aristide, Spyren, Tutti, Zanzia, mitzi, bawia, heathernel, MayAngelQt, electra38, flowerspirit, lozzy, amythiiel, CupcakeBakery, tootsiex3, bossycat1033, princess_in_pink_77, eastcoastbabe, Valerie, siaaaaanxo, DJ Sona, karo, alphafemale, krumbed, hardy0417, spurstrap, Hemodream, Tifafney, MauMau, kristee, Gingerbread, chocolatecat, roseyfen, Mimsdal, deweydecimal, lavendermoon, skwooshy, topazyurble, ShelbyTay, Absolutlie, silvernoon, waritha, succubusty, Kokojazz, layces, SarahJuneBug, Featherfire, sothebys, coldicyanger, Parth, jelast, meredithfayrd, kdobbin, forfun, aphasia, Marleen, Monique, peglime, charlieputh, 360spinfish, martia, xxmew_zoey_xx, Ben, mysteryfuzz, ciphur, dependence, opel1156, tackydad, usedxabused, Axcravia, maxtopacio, jmo7692, Topperprincess, kiwigoddesskimmie, guttergator, Katanachi, glittery_crystal, MentalVoid, spellmagic, mmpotter, Complexum, petlover_393999, spukl1, stttarlight, imbitter, blushingbeautie, taelia, Thedark, berly, jazziejc, moonwhisper, RainMoon, Krystalb2000, sweetpeach7720, Krystalb2000, _xxangelcakesxx_, Abbstract, redlinepichu, OzarksUFT, kevinbacon, decalis, extravagance, yellow_gellow, sebbiea, Aplowd, gothgoddess1, durkje, radiokarma, bleu_rayne, kndmonica, Leafeon, flashash10, NIKKI_ANEE, jotty346, hartley03, nepkeete, sunkissed_dew, adeth, abc123jim, Nikolai, hulahideout, ranger_girl87, Kimmi, Eric_023_CDN, gabisanabria, kirable, margee21, crypt, mybeebsnme, mybeebsnme, xoople, alphabritt, MarvelMom, zitrone, bossyboots2u, tsuki18, gordo793, devin1211111, dalila_arends, kalkatak, wihs, Annieji, divineaurora, sublimemindaz, naners, millertime704, Kyd, taytay, sternfan, oomagicwitchoo, ramonesbaby, sunwillow66, Savy, MissOwl, shadow717, whitehouses, feminist, 0o0slytherinpride0o0, blackbudahfly, Ina, kotabear, margee, Megham, AuntieNeo, Stealthclaw, miissttee, Jei, and Jam more less

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