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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Pink Mountain and Cloud Background

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Are those clouds made from candy floss?

Occupies: Background

Restricts: None

53 users have this item up for trade: Brogan, lights, monm0_mard, lucioles, aforetime, sunnyvilla, sahar, NeopetsHall, candyflames, roseyfen, luffy, CalicoTigers, shirok, mydelski , Daniellemt, bythesea, jouster, heathernel, mjcloset, hydah, xxxspiff3hxxx, goldfur, hoppip_grass, lynsammoo, Greyfeather, Kokojazz, liegeman, mistyums, cheeky_jess, jazziejc, gabisanabria, Pumba, wikkineo, Sigris, pan_dbz_lady, _angel12__86_96, sebbiea, thegenius, piinkskullz, Supahme, adeth, charmmy, leelia, einahpetsx, whitehouses, kymkitten, tsuki18, oatmealcookie, roar, korruo, maku_side1, veronika, and Bebaa more less

77 users want this item: skro, scarstardumb, jennibeans, _appelsientje_, lcedot, greyfever, aodthyn, Russ, Nocturnite, yopojoe, 170, woody, sieskitty9, djleclair, awesomesauce, just_a_girl95, warp2warp, bmisko, avelaingia, Interstellar, anonymaus, iloveyou637, thapprentice, baj2117, lilith__x, ello, Zelda, kttnspt, mjindigo, randomneopian, wiither, chaoticdust, Pureinhim, MissMarina, thomie97, Lissy, fairylilies, cocorichelle, llmac4lifell, dragoncitoazul, significantbrother, RosaIce, ladyskye, berly, lyfeofthelonely, Chaleny, mylist, kasinee, idalia, identikitten, unicornskull, sanamm, Hilarionsf, kitschyy, Mekaila, vballfanatic2005, ene_x, hakudal, alisonage18, maximalist, terahawk, jfyki, liquid, miss_lauren1, xyimba, raiden, vitorplemes, Cameron1515, sky_berri, silverfawx, gr8tpanther, Chyane, Colby, Kate2468, Skortchybear, del_tigre, and Harlie more less


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