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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Comfy Purple Culottes

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

For those days when you just cant decide between a skirt and shorts.

Occupies: Trousers

Restricts: None

130 users have this item up for trade: Aeiki, curlycueonetwo, charharr, Grimsie, brenda_bbm, woody, lzarc, sjamilala, punkys, Exyrea767, jamiegsy, MayAngelQt, mmoocow123, philipina_ballerina, sulfurbutterfly, darcwhale, xxlaurennxx, Tammy, moonaura, silvacat24, pregnatress, blumbot, heathernel, Emochu, kimchica, aelyn, tae1, Act4You, ulisya, xcanary, Loyswo, roseyfen, arhallick, lcedot, Flybe, skwooshy, Miosuki, layces, mrsxxrupertxxgrint, Featherfire, Elusi, Bre, coldicyanger, Spabl, silvernoon, Kokojazz, ___veilside___, martia, asellusofshrike, berlow1, berlow1, melieworm, curilily02, forfun, RainMoon, Maileth, snowshoecat, Eizzel, _xxangelcakesxx_, suzie_b_1, Krimson, twasduckysfault, Michelle, lancey_smiley, Bonnieblue01, naners, pfbabyz, decalis, depraving, happygirl, xxxfenice_neraxxx, klippenland, durkje, ellabella1987, Snobby, gingerbabyx3, flashash10, jmo7692, moon_hates_you, Miranda, adeth, topazyurble, Nadya, missmisery, Tinussa, Sdwalden, Pika, StellaNC, scary_chicken, echobabygirl, shinikins, roo, xoople, hottshot_anyway, butterfly_522, i_will_always_luv_me, amarinda, Doanlisa, leelia, happy70793, devin1211111, tsuki18, hillary890357, semmy_genius, wihs, Natty1066, sternfan, oomagicwitchoo, Mama1979, Pamula, Gabudude, star400040, mandakitty12, dnzinha, GLaDOS, Miluve, alisox, brokenchan, Twilightfox0, m_horselove, 1petpet111, Solyane, lightfaerie56, miissttee, Jei, nightstars558, Xwee, ArtemisMoon, Jam, and sweet_shots more less

2 users want this item: Kaly and forgottenbirthdays more less


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