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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Encased in Ice

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Maybe youll be discovered by some Neopets from the future and thawed out!

Occupies: Static

Restricts: None

91 users have this item up for trade: roseyfen, Exyrea767, CalicoTigers, isabehla, v1cky_, candyflames, gonza04, m_magic_girl, Amo, nicobutts, sjamilala, polajess, heatherperry, Spyren, Roxana, lozzy, pashcal, chocopurin, wrathofwest, xxxspiff3hxxx, violent, chesches, Sturmtosend, theyellowrose, stasanie, goldenox, simplesong, redgeisha, skwooshy, demalinowiii, aquamarinesunefleirl, Miosuki, Featherfire, sothebys, Kokojazz, xx_bleu_xx, ___veilside___, _xxangelcakesxx_, supersara247, kittylittr, Iggyific, thegenius, friendberry, klippenland, Dmdragonridr, sydneymorgan, superimposition, adeth, Gerard, topazyurble, dafrozen, Jane, chouun, svajone, shinikins, firepixy, jossie, Alan, xoople, amarinda, Complexum, svns, happy70793, cya163, Inky, kl882992, Lartherian, kennayounot, naika_is_da_best, carmen_lee123, Tami, Biggetje, hermionie278, sublimemindaz, sternfan, Calliegraphy, Pamula, ramonesbaby, Gabudude, thedetermineddiva, nacinerenee, Jezzyx3, Lynn, Nadya, alisox, ella20101993, theorii, Solyane, lipe117, jessirochelle, and probabilistic more less

13 users want this item: loradream, libraeldariel, bathpaint, forgottenbirthdays, Azula, Suki, Marc, cocorichelle, eeeeva, Athnei, venabre, LoliBite, and YoshiRocks more less


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