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Candy Cane Pitchfork

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

The best way to rake in all that holiday candy!

Occupies: Right-hand Item

Restricts: None

106 users have this item up for trade: _xxangelcakesxx_, twasduckysfault, themandabear, Sandykins, emmy_kat_26, karuness, lancey_smiley, tiickled, kittylittr, Brogan, sonic_and_shadow213, guveniere, fairytail, Amberly19, punkys, mmelcg, udubgirl2012, faerieskater, Zaz, Caesar, durkje, jakynar-sales, Cassiopeia, Flo, pierreplover, saffishly, alienaisha, Caesarsidesalad, lights, coldicyanger, jmo7692, spellmagic, Mephisto, jotty346, hartley03, ninjamax, Kellyd45, meilin, arwenvs, Sushi, jamiegsy, charmmy, morgkitty, golden_girl25, hunter4ever, Sdwalden, sunflower, Pika, melab00, dafrozen, accade, jcdrgnfly, Sammygdog_2, psychosienna, Destiny_Sphinx, Chaleny, Thyago, missy182, JDactyl, Sisebi, Sarah, garlic, hottshot_anyway, laughinglola, Krissy, Nully, jlpearcy1010, scary_chicken, taeyeon, echobabygirl, corn_pops2002, margee21, leelia, wintersunboheme, tangledheart, devin1211111, zugzwang, bbubblie, elierra, Tami, kidkrunch, Snuff, ohthisisnostalgia, Abbie, pisheileen, Esmee32, flutteringsnowflakes, vesperon, Irishminx, Kittyne, babyunico, Purplebin, Blaise, greyfever, Mama1979, missemmy, thedetermineddiva, Cyndellnight, margee, Cathy Martin, Cybunny_816, Star_Babe53, silviasweet, miissttee, nintendo, and Marleen more less

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