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Snow Drift Foreground

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Quick, get a shovel!

Occupies: Background Item, Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

68 users have this item up for trade: _xxangelcakesxx_, feelidae, StarPearl, Vixenx, wihs, Szal, hiphophimel, aesare_extras, vefa, mmelcg, udubgirl2012, punkys, novapulser, skro, BlueCloud300, Blaise, Cassiopeia, daisytree288, heathside, kuehne, Halery, a_life_of_love, mslovelymuse, bwilson512, hellokristin, Hel, missy182, tiggy027, butterfly_522, missmisery, indieblondie, guveniere, Antiphantom, firepixy, Jasindro, corn_pops2002, xoople, Sturmtosend, kymkitten, Firenze, naika_is_da_best, bbubblie, hillary890357, Biggetje, einahpetsx, scattergirl-gallery, wilde_baby, neonxtiger, djsmurphy, venused, Natty1066, Briannapuss, Sarcasmandbeyond, veronika, thedetermineddiva, nacinerenee, mandakitty12, whitehouses, bigmlittlem, kotabear, lbartoli, Cathy Martin, Skortchybear, passionfruit, ella20101993, Serenyn, by__sky, and miissttee more less

17 users want this item: Minna, ShelbyTay, harrts, zerorita, Lydia, androidturret, litszy, 5522_sylkie_5522, sh3113y, luna_melody, madeline753, silversteven, terahawk, daniluv, Kimmi, DekSy, and danni more less


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